MLPHE Advantage

MLPHE is a service provided to our members, their families, and their friends to help them find affordable insurance coverages. MLPHE provides you with licensed professionals to research and evaluate all your coverage opportunities. The Affordable Care Act has given our members, retirees, and people who have lost coverage several new health insurance options and we want to make you aware of. Once you contact our professionals, they will evaluate your individual situation, all your coverage options, and help you choose what best fits your needs.

Do you know you might qualify for assistance to help you pay your health insurance premiums? Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) depending on your income you may qualify for lower health insurance premiums. The Federal government released the following income guidelines below; if your annual household income falls below the amounts listed you may qualify for lower premiums and in some instances better benefits – allow us to evaluate this for you.

Family Size

2019 Annual Income Tables












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